The Method

“My purpose is to allow people to move closer to actually being creatures of free choice to genuinely reflect individual creativity and emotion, freeing the body of habitual tensions and wired-patterns of behavior so that it may respond without inhibition to do what the person wants.”

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Novel ways of movement

The method created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais is a powerful and revolutionary holistic approach, which can improve the lives of each and every one through delicate, light and conscious movements that lead to new understandings and abilities. By practicing the method, we improve various aspects of ourselves – flexibility and coordination, concentration and sleep, our ability to get quality rest, our connection with and understanding of ourselves; we add ease and variability to our everyday movements.

Dr. Feldenkrais’ method offers novel ways of movement and extends the variety of our movements; it makes us aware of a wide range of states of our nervous system and supports our flexible transition through them; it transforms harmful habits and patterns, and can completely re-program us over the course of time for optimal and efficient functioning in a light and free-moving physical body with clear mind and calm emotions.

"Learning through movement"

The method encompasses knowledge from the fields of neurology, psychology, physics, biomechanics, evolutionary development, etc. It works by using our brain’s capacity to develop and change; it helps the establishing of new neural connections and pathways, as well as the emergence of new neurons. In other words, it supports our ability to learn, develop change and adapt throughout our lifetime. This is why the Method is often referred to as “learning through movement”. People learn best through experience and pleasure. In addition, we connect on deeper level, with what we have learned, if the whole process is combined with careful and neutral observation of ourselves and becoming aware of the movements we perform. If we imagine the above as a formula, and add enough curiosity, pleasure and fun, we will get the optimal way for each of us to learn.